why put potatoes in dishwasher a hack

Why put potatoes in the dishwasher? Make Any Sense?

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Did you hear of any kind of potato-washing hacks on dishwashers that went viral back in the day?

If you were then you must but asked yourself this question why put potatoes in dishwasher? what happens when you put potatoes in the dishwasher? does this trick actually work in the kitchen?

Don’t worry we’re here to tell you everything that you need to know about this hack or trick, whatever you wanna call it.

For the most part, We just want to clarify Not every kitchen hack is created equal.

This tip is about doing the rounds where the dishwasher is a quicker way to clean potatoes.

It is first spotted on the Heavenly Homemakers, which suggests placing potatoes on the top shelf of the kitchen appliance and running the rinse cycle.

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“A quick rinse in your dishwasher lets you focus on prepping the rest of the meal, cutting your cooking time down dramatically,” the publication says.

But not everyone agrees. Although this method sounds faster, it would only save you time if you’re cooking potatoes for a large group of people.

Let us know in the comment section below, what you think of washing potatoes in the dishwasher.

Now it’s time to check out the potatoes in the dishwasher hack.

Why put potatoes in the dishwasher? Hack or waste?

Composing writing for, The Kitchn, Elizabeth Licata, explains that in many instances, a rinse cycle, taking between 10 – 15 minutes, would take more time than washing potatoes by hand.

“Washing potatoes in the dishwasher could be useful if for some reason you needed to cook and wash a ton of potatoes all at once, like if you were making mashed potatoes for 100 people,” Elizabeth said.

“But when cooking for fewer than 10 people, using this potato-washing ‘hack’ seems considerably less efficient than just washing the potatoes yourself.”

Also, she added: “This has got to be one of the weirder kitchen ‘hacks’ I’ve ever seen. why would you put potatoes in the dishwasher?”

Our Case Study [Updated]

Nowadays things are changed a lot because of the new and updated technologies.

You’ll be surprised the rinse cycles in modern dishwashers only use a couple of gallons of water. Even a full cycle generally takes less water than doing dishes manually.

Some people find washing potatoes, or anything else, for that matter, difficult to do by hand because of pain issues so washing potatoes in a dishwasher makes more sense now.

The first benefit of puting potatoes in dishwasher is that with the internal heater dishwashers have is that you quite possibly could get them out already cooked, the downside being that they’re only supposed to get minimal amounts of food waste so you may clog it up even though the drain hose (usually) dumps out into your disposal.

You can check out the above video if you want to watch it in practice.

From our point of view –  Actually, it is much better to use a dishwasher to wash potatoes.

Also, studies have clearly proven that a dishwasher uses less water nowadays. Less water means that it will be much quicker to heat the water, which then costs less electricity. Since dishwashers heat the water to a higher temperature, your dishes will be much cleaner.

If heat dried, they are disinfected. So in short when it comes to, dishwasher versus hand washing, the dishwasher wins hands down. It also saves you a lot of time.

Process of washing potatoes in the dishwasher:

Place your dirty potatoes on the top rack of an empty dishwasher and set it to the rinse-only cycle. (Make sure there’s no soap in there first!) Turn it on, and walk away.

Rinse/hold cycles on dishwashers are short, 10 to 15 minute cycles that spray water but don’t use soap, and they’re ostensibly for rinsing off dirty dishes if you don’t have enough in there for a full load, but don’t want to run the risk of any leftover food getting caked onto the plates’ surfaces and not coming off later.

It’s also a useful setting for those times you take out the “good” dishes and find they’re all dusty.

We’ll admit they weren’t perfectly clean, but neither are your potatoes when you hand-wash them.

Can you cook potatoes in the dishwasher?

When you think about baking potatoes in the dishwasher.

Yes, you can cook your potatoes in your dishwasher, but only with the following provisions.

  • Do not put them in with dishes that need to be washed,
  • and do not put a dishwashing pod or dishwashing soap in the dispenser on the inside of the door.

We’ll guarantee, you will not like the flavor those things will induce into your potatoes.

As you have supposed, there are some benefits to washing potatoes in your dishwasher.

  • The high-pressure spray will get your potatoes very clean, while at the same time flushing dirt and loose potato peel down the drain.
  • Extremely hot water, along with the heat in the drying cycle will bake your potatoes so you don’t have to do anything but just serve them.

The only negative prospect of dishwasher baked potatoes might occur when your friends are over for dinner and they see you taking baked potatoes out of the dishwasher for their dinner.

Some of your friends might even opt out of that deal… you know that old “My doctor has me on a low starch diet,” routine.

How to cook potatoes in the dishwasher? [Video]

Dishwasher cooking was popularized by TV personality Bob Blumer, also known as the “Surreal Gourmet.”

His famous dishwasher-poached salmon recipe relies on the heat of your dishwasher’s wash and dry cycles to lightly cook well-sealed salmon packets.

You can try this trick with other foods, but because potatoes require high-heat cooking for extended times, you have to prepare your food carefully.

Involve the kids in the preparation and baking process, and you may even get them to pitch in on the dishwashing, too.

Watch the below video if you want more details on how to cook potatoes in the dishwasher also other stuff as well ⇓⇓

What happens when you put potatoes in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can use a dishwasher to wash potatoes but only with proper technique and equipment.

But what happens when you put potatoes in the dishwasher?

Check out this below article which we found on quora — where he shared his own experience of putting potatoes in the dishwasher.

I manage youth camps and we routinely wash at least 100 pounds of potatoes per week in our commercial dishwashers. The potatoes will later be baked and offered up with an accompanying potato bar — an assortment of ingredients campers choose from to augment their potato.

The dishwashers we use sanitize by heat, alone. They wash for 45 seconds at 160 degrees, then rinse for 20 seconds at 180+ degrees.

We simply run them through twice using only freshwater, no detergent.

Potatoes go in looking like this:

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And come out looking like this: — baked potatoes in the dishwasher

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What is the benefit?

The kitchen staff saves an hour — minimum — of hand scrubbing 100 pounds of potatoes.

Many restaurants do this . . .

I doubt using a residential dishwasher to clean potatoes is practical . . . unless you’re planning to feed more than 20 people.

Other ways of washing potatoes

If you don’t like the potatoes in the dishwasher hack then we also have other ways to wash your potatoes.

  1. You can use a veggie brush under running water. Also, It might plug up your washer drain if you do.
  2. Another way is to put your potatoes in ice water for 10 minutes. Then put them in warm water right after. You can twist off the skin easily doing that. They just slide off. Then boil them. 😎

Once it’s possible poke the potatoes with a fork, drain, and transfer them to a bowl of ice-cold water.

Gently rub the surface of each potato after it cools and the skins should peel right off like magic.


What do you think of washing potatoes in the dishwasher

Does it work for you? or do you have any other hacks which you use while washing your potatoes?

Lastly, as far as my own point of view if you are planning to clean out a lot of potatoes then washing with your hands is quite painful so it’s better you use a dishwasher.

Potatoes in dishwasher hack will gonna help you a lot, but if you have only a few of them, it’s better to use your own hands to clean the potatoes.

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