why shouldnt you look in the mirror in a lucid dream

Why shouldn’t you look into the mirror in lucid dreams [Important Facts]

Have you ever found yourself looking in a mirror in a dream?

There are many times that was happened to me & I am kind of here to tell you, why shouldn’t you look in the mirror in a lucid dream?

Also, I’m going to talk about what happens if you look in a mirror in a lucid dream & also going to explain what does seeing yourself in a mirror in a dream mean?

But before I tell you everything, first you should understand what is a lucid dream actually means.

What are abstract ideas & It’s examples?

Lucid dreams are when you know that you’re dreaming while you’re asleep.

You’re aware that the events flashing through your brain aren’t really happening. But the dream feels vivid and real.

You may even be able to control how the action unfolds as if you’re directing a movie in your sleep.

So you got the idea of what is lucid dream is all about. Now, let’s talk about why shouldn’t you look in the mirror in a lucid dream?

What happens if you look into the mirror in lucid dreams? [Important Facts]

When you accidentally fall into a state of lucid dream.

You will start to imagine all kinds of amazing stuff, flying around, skydiving, etc.

But when you realize that you’re in a lucid dream, you’ll be reminded immediately of the number 1 rule: Never look into a mirror when you are lucid dreaming!

why shouldn't you look in the mirror in a lucid dream

This is because your brain knows your deepest and darkest fears.

You can’t help yourself, and you can’t move too, so when you turned around forcefully, you saw dark figures and shadows enveloping your vision.

Then you could hear incessant cries of horror and pain, but you’ll not be going to know where it came from. You’ll try to focus on your breathing to regain control, but you never did.

Furthermore, you might start panicking, it felt like death had finally got its grimy hands onto you.

You can try moving around, and surely enough, then you’ll be able to wake up.

So Never look into a mirror in a lucid dream unless you like intense 3D horror movies.

Well, I had a Lucid Dream yesterday, and I looked in the mirror… It wasn’t fun, I saw a monster with dead eyes looking at me, and then i suddenly woke up

So you got the answer, why shouldn’t you look in the mirror in a lucid dream?

What happens when you look into a mirror in a lucid dream?

Mirrors present an interesting puzzle in lucid dreams because their main property in real life — reflection — is driven by the laws of physics.

The laws of physics are of course redundant in aeronautics.

The main reason things do follow the laws of cause and effect in any dream is that we expect them to.

Physical law drives our entire conscious experience, and we carry it with us — both consciously and unconsciously — into our dream world.

Your dreams are heavily based on your memories and expectations, and this creates a fascinating conundrum that we can explore with dream mirrors.

What happens when you look into a mirror in a lucid dream?

Looking into a dream mirror allows you to look at your unconscious in the face, this can unravel a wealth of insight into your own psyche.

The results of which can only really be examined by the imagery received whilst dreaming.

In-depth analysis can be performed on any result or outcome of dream reflection,

Looking in a mirror in a dream,

However, as with any dream analysis, none are definitive.

I often find the curiosity of mirrors in the dream world allows them to make for great portals, transporting the dreamer into a totally different realm.

Or maybe, a totally different dream?

So in short;

  • Sometimes I might see myself as normal,
  • sometimes I might see myself as an old man,
  • sometimes I might see a fluid portal awaiting exploration,
  • sometimes I might see nothing at all
  • and sometimes I might see a two-headed rabbit in a nun’s habit with a ball gag and nipple tassels.

Why shouldn’t you look in the mirror at night?

So a lot of people have a different experience, why shouldn’t you look in the mirror at night?

In my case:

I have no idea if you guys might like this or not, but I thought it was scary, and yes it is very true.

I sometimes wish it wasn’t. One dark night in my house, I was just walking around looking for a snack, plus I had to use the bathroom.

I’m not afraid of the dark, but sometimes I feel a bit uneasy, and that night I felt more than uneasy.

So I went on to use the bathroom, and it was pitch black except for the little light coming in from the window, so I could see a bit.

Everything was fine until I started to wash my hands, that’s when I felt a random chill down my spine, I just thought it was because it was cold in the house and I went on with my business.

Why shouldnt you look in the mirror at night

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After walking back to my bedroom,

I felt strange Like I was being followed or watched.

I heard someone call my name in a faint whisper, and it seemed like it was coming from the bathroom, so I decided to check it out.

I went into the bathroom and the calling stopped, so I just pretended like it was my imagination……until I looked in the mirror.

In the mirror, I saw my reflection, but it looked as if it wasn’t me, it looked more sinister.

I thought it was just me seeing things because it was dark, so I wasn’t scared, but the longer I looked at my reflection, the more it started looking like something else.

As stupid as this may sound, I leaned into the mirror to get a closer look and then all of a sudden my reflection smiled……but I wasn’t smiling.

I immediately backed away from the mirror because I thought that it would try to come out or something, I made a dash straight back to my room and stayed under the covers all night.

I couldn’t sleep at all out of fear that the creature or my “reflection” had followed me back to my room.

As soon as I started giving up on staying up and finally deciding to go to sleep….. that’s when I heard someone scratching at the door.

Damn, that was a horrible experience !!! That’s why shouldn’t you look in the mirror at night.

Why shouldn’t you look in the mirror at acid?

It probably depends on your type of personality, like introverts (a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things, compared with an extrovert.)

In psychology, a person is predominantly concerned with external things or objective considerations, compared with an introvert.

Both types can still get really tripped hard !! Some may not at all.

It is useless to try to explain to anyone because everyone differs. Some may not really get it until he gets tripped terribly and wished they had not looked at themselves in the mirror.

So do not take the risk.

Spot On.

Seriously, this may not be the flashiest replication, but it is the most accurate I’ve ever seen.

The very end with the lines emerging on the face is exactly what I see.

I always refer to it as tribal tattoos appearing on my face. Also, the way the freckles and blemishes become more prominent and then fade out a little is so relatable.

For anyone that’s never tried acid, this is exactly what you can expect when looking in the mirror on an average dose.

That’s why shouldn’t you look in the mirror at acid.

It might be a terrible experience, so I suggest that you don’t do it.

What does seeing yourself in a mirror in a dream mean?

The first thing I notice in this question is the fact that you notice you can’t see yourself in the mirror, this means you are lucid.

It’s a message to yourself, you are lucid. If it were me, I would then skip trying to see myself in the mirror and instantly choose something exciting to do; fly, talk to an alien, visit a star system, meet someone new, become a millionaire, talk to my dog, whatever.

The cosmos are yours at that junction!

Looking in a mirror is a part of our culture, and probably of all cultures.

We look at ourselves to try to know ourselves better.

Apparently, the only other animal on earth that is able to recognize itself in the mirror is the chimpanzee.

If you believe in evolutionary theory, then humans, as the most sophisticated ‘animals’ on the planet, are self-aware, and looking in a mirror is an act of self-awareness.

What does seeing yourself in a mirror in a dream mean

Having said this,

Dreams can function to filter, sort, and store recent memories in our past, to store significant events, or even to recall significant events from the past.

Because dreams follow a narrative schema, they require a context or environment, and this environment most times will mimic our actual waking world.

So to see yourself in a mirror: could be just a consolidation of recent memory, perhaps the memory became associated with the emotion that day that triggered the incident in your dream.

Activation Synthesis Hypothesis states that dreams reflect the processes of the brain as it tries to make sense of all the physical and cognitive stimuli it receives during the day.

And the random firing of neural pathways in the brain will cause the emergence of a certain image, or memory, or narrative storyline in our dreams.

On a deeper level,

If you follow psychoanalytic theory based on Sigmund Freud’s beliefs, our dreams often express our unconscious desires, motivations, fears, and other aspects of our personalities hidden from our conscious minds.

Perhaps your dream is expressing a desire to appreciate yourself, to know who you are, to recognize yourself, and to assert your own individuality.

Can you see yourself in a mirror in a dream?

Well, you can, but it might gonna be a terrible experience.

I can see myself in a mirror in dreams, where the reflection often changes,

For Example,

  • I saw myself as a rhino-like monster in one dream,
  • In one of my nightmares, I basically saw myself morph into Russell Brand (I used to be scared of him)
  • And in my ‘visions’ any and all reflective surfaces show me as Trump even though I’m technically my normal self.

The Trump reflex talks back to me a lot, telling me that he and I are very similar and that one day I’ll learn to understand that.


I still don’t understand it, and yet I can still feel like my face is being pulled or stretched out,

because that’s what happened when I became him in a nightmare, my face basically stretched like in Army Of Darkness as it morphed into his.

This basically depends on the dreamer,

I have had dreams where I can see myself in the mirror, mostly in very deep/vivid lucid dreams,

but I have heard many people have this issue, perhaps because it’s a matter of the amount of concentration on dream elements it would take to make yourself visible in a mirror.

Your brain may already realize this for you and decide not to do it so that the rest of the dream doesn’t suffer or dissolve in the effort.

What happens when you stare into the mirror for too long?

My explanation for this is simple — for me, you are just seeing past lives.

Note that this is my explanation, and, naturally, this topic is subjective as well.

In my opinion and that of the esoteric sciences I studied, we’ve all had many incarnations, not all of them human.

There is much to be said about exploring past lives, but that’s outside the topic for this question.

Suffice it to say that knowing something about your past incarnations may give you some insight into what you may be working on in this life, and may even serve as an impetus to resolve challenges sooner, lest they reoccur interminably.

That said, the other benefit of this type of practice is the development of a more flexible, dynamic perception. One’s mind becomes more lively, able to perceive what’s in between the rigid slots of accepted norms.

And, of course, it’s great entertainment.

Last Note:

The eyes are the windows of our souls.

Staring too long, you reconnect with yourself, inside the meat bag prison, and see the invisible reality.

We only see a very small percentage of the total light spectrum. Also, interesting to know is that even light is produced by vibration.

Genesis: ‘ First was the word ‘→ Referring to vibration(word) makes the so-called reality we see, which is 99.98% empty space.

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