why put towel under hotel door

Why Hotel Guest Put Towel Under Their Door?

Some of you might be wondering “Why do hotel guests put a towel under the door?”. And yes it feels actually weird when we try to find the reason behind putting a towel under the hotel door.

Actually, the internet with articles exploded that explained why it may be useful for critical safety reasons.  They used the word “Always” put a towel under their hotel door and claimed it as a kind of genius tip for the readers.

When I went deeper into this hotel hack I actually caught the logic in doing it. From muffling the noises, blocking the light, or blocking smoke in case there’s a fire.

Well! there may be different thoughts and uncertainties, therefore, It is essential for us to understand especially for the hotel workers to figure out the reason why put a towel under hotel door when hotel guests rolls up a towel and wedge it under the door crack.

Is there really a “hotel door hack” that claims “putting a towel under the door work for noise?”

Did you have ever heard about this hotel hack before?

Rumors: You will come to know with many logic that travelers do by putting rubber door-stop and jamming it under the door to the hallway which is somewhere worth applying. This can be especially difficult when they are not sleeping in the comfort of their own home. However…

Including this, there are a few more logics that are found pretty good interestingly at keeping a door shut…

6 Reasons Hotel Guests May Put Towel Under Their Door

Sometimes, hotels could be expensive, noisy, and lack the comforts you need during your stay. But just because you’re not at home it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice feeling completely at ease.

Being safe in your room when you travel solo, especially for women is a much-needed safety precaution for less worry!

When I studied this, I was wondering how I could present a clear point on this “hidden hotel hack “. But yes, I found the tricks that actually had the potential to avoid some threats.

Here are 6 brilliant uses for putting towels under hotel doors that you never knew about.

1. Lower The volume Of Sounds Traveling Between Rooms

why put a towel under hotel door
Image credit: sleepscore.com

It’s just an unfortunate reality that when you’re not sleeping in the comfort of your own home is especially difficult (it’s where things like one’s head hitting the pillow sounds like a dream) and falling asleep instantly is out of the question.


Should probably wedge a rolled towel and there are some nice muffling noise solutions that could make distractions like pesky elevator dinging or people chatting in the hallway less evil.

Those drunken revelers in the hallway at 3 AM won’t bother you one bit when you use this hack.

2. In The Event Of A Fire Buys You Vital Time

why put a towel under hotel door
Image source: Pixabay.com

To prevent toxic fumes and smoke from entering the room, in case the hallway is on fire and the emergency exit can be reached anymore by the guests. Hotel guests are then advised to stay in their room, make sure to prevent smoke/fumes from entering the room, and wait for help from emergency services coming from another direction than the hallway (the window or the balcony, etc. Because smoke is the biggest cause of death in most building fires.

Placing a damp or wet towel under the door can help block smoke or fumes in case of a fire or a gas attack. Good idea if you are ever shown on a survival course, if there is a fire and for any reason, you cannot evacuate; this is one of the precautions. Because not every hotel has fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, or well-marked emergency exits.

Apply this hotel hack whenever needed to wait for help emergency buys you a vital time.

3. Hide Evidence Of illegal Doing

Hotel guests usually do this to prevent smells from escaping. In other words, they are smoking in the room.

So if they are! they’re likely trying to hide evidence of some illegal doing—be it smoking in a non-smoking room (though, that’d require disabling the smoke alarm and that’s a massive no-no!) or something else.

The article on movie cultists explains; In principle [a wet towel] would probably help trap a little bit .more smoke. A wet towel will, however, I think it’s a unanimous opinion!

But there’s something more… The legendary “TOWEL TRICK” has fooled NO HOTEL WORKERS EVER!

4. Night Crawlers Having Easy Access To The Room

why put a towel under hotel door
Image source: Pixabay.com

Feeling relieved in a hotel when we see insects like cockroaches or even ants crawling across the basement is no question. This can be difficult for a person with entomophobia who dislikes insects with no actual danger.

Few phonic nerds possibly could have ever imagined so those crawling insects don’t control them. Although turning up noses in disgust control some but, adults with phobias often understand the irrationality of being afraid.  Isn’t it a pretty good idea of keeping a door shut, put a towel under it, and use it to stop up?

5. Turn On Dark Sleeping Mode

why place a towel under hotel door
Image source: Anne Nygård/Unsplash.com

People who need really high levels of darkness to get to sleep may do something similar, hopefully without wetting the towel, to prevent light ingress.

6. Hotel Safety For Women

Make sure your door lock works, and lock it from the inside. If there’s an old-fashioned key, leave it in the lock when you sleep, but twist it sideways so no one can push it out and slip it back under the door. This may seem obvious, but figuring out how to be safe in a hotel room often DOES require the obvious!

Adding that one extra drop of caution might have helped to tip the balance; Not every time but sometimes.

Let You Know In Visuals

The video explains putting a towel under the hotel door here’s why…

Roll up a towel from the bathroom, take it and just stuff it right under the door! It’s simple and great because we all know that if you’ve ever been to one of those rooms where your door is right next to the elevator or there’s a ton of bright light that comes through that’ll block out the light and block out sound from the hallway which is not always great.

Now It’s Up To You

If you were asked “do you think it’s a good idea to put a towel under the hotel door” what would your answer be?

As a hotel guest, indeed If you’re saying (at least by implication) that you’ve been told it’s something you should do, this isn’t a recommendation ever heard. It sounds weird but yes guest who does this is usually trying to smoke undetected in a nonsmoking room.

So, I am going to say this is one option I can personally validate as just weird enough to work when some people are trying to block the light or sound coming from the hallway. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether applying this hack is worth it or not.

Why do you put a towel under the door? Ever seen any hotel guests putting a towel at the door for any other reason? If yes, then I would love to hear from you in the comment section down below.

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