why put bottle on car tire when travelling

What Does It Mean When You Find Water Bottle On Your Car Tire?

Some of us may be wondering “what does a plastic bottle on your tire mean when traveling?”. We may think, why people would put a bottle on their car tires when parking alone. There may be different thoughts and queries about why put a bottle on your tire when parked especially! In order that we are here, to share facts on this, “plastic bottle on car tire trick”.

Is that really a police alert: if you find a plastic bottle in your car tire”?

Moreover, many online videos and articles advise that “if you see a bottle on your tire, don’t touch it”.

Did you have ever heard about this before?

Is there actually a reason why drivers always put plastic bottles on car tires when parked?

Whatever the fact is! let’s figure out what “bottle on tire meaning” it’s better everyone must be aware of this trick which can happen anywhere and at any time in any neighborhood.

You May Be At Risk If You Find A Plastic Bottle In Your Car Tire

why put a water bottle on your tire when traveling alone
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The first case of using this strategy “placing the plastic bottle on a car tire” was reported in the South African province of Limpopo, which is near Botswana Zimbabwe.

The plastic bottle trick spread fast by way of YouTube channels from Mexico that issued an alert about how thieves are using the information in the video to steal automobiles. It shows car thefts being committed with the help of a plastic bottle.

Regrettably, what happened is criminals took the video for a how-to manual.

The video which was intended to help the people turned out to be better at serving criminals who wish to prey upon innocent victims.

  • first, thieves scope out and target parked cars.
  • After the thieves select the car that they want to take.
  • They launch a plastic bottle between the tire and wheel well on the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • When you get in your car you start the ignition and just as you’re rolling out of your parking spot you hear some weird
    crinkling sound.
  • You get out of the car to see where the noise is coming from.
  • You get cautious, turn the engine off, and head to have a quick look at what’s going on with the tire
  • And that’s the opportunity thieves are waiting for! they can now do one of two things either steal the car or grab all the valuables inside and run off.

Well, there might be less possibility to become the victim. Despite all this, all we can do is at least be aware and alert to prevent it from happening.

Is this Fact-Based?

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Snopes reports, it appeared to be a scam purporting that criminals use the bottle-on-tire trick to get the driver to get out of their car so that they can be carjacked or robbed.

However, many YouTube video warns drivers that this is a great chance for thieves to steal cars because they remain in the planned setting and wait to strike the car.

No matter all the internet rumors and fearmongering, it’s important for you to know about this ploy and make yourself aware of it right away.

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But Wait There’s Something More!

If You See A Plastic Bottle On Your Tire, you must be alert!

if you see a plastic bottle on your tire, you are at risk for theft

If you see a plastic bottle on your tire, despite all rumors and proven false claims. This thing needs to be focused and why not just be mindful of understanding this?

There might be a probability you may be in danger. You should make yourself aware right away.

It’s important to help people from being tricked by thieves. You as a globe driver must become aware that criminals have found a new technique to rob and take your car.

Yet, you can’t be 100% sure that tomorrow somebody won’t stick a plastic bottle on top of your car tire.

That’s why it’s always better to be forewarned and take preventative measures to protect yourself.

  • Always take your keys out to inspect your car.
  • Why not walk around your car and briefly examine it before every drive? It takes mere seconds and you’ll be sure that you haven’t been picked as some car thief’s next victim.

Safe Travel!! Safe Spell!!

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