why put plastic bag on car mirror when travelling

Why Do People Put Plastic Bag Over Car Mirror When Traveling Alone?

The advert boomed in the online platform displaying: “ always place a plastic bag on the car side mirror when traveling alone, really! Isn’t it weird? Let’s figure this out how does a zip lock bag on a car mirror work?”

Advancing with the technology trend, I recognized it should be some type of trick, yet interest got to me. No, I didn’t tap the advert, I discovered a more secure way of the doubt “why would you put a plastic bag over your car mirror?”.


After considerably December 2020, online notices have shown an image of a Ziplock bag hacks on car mirror. The advertisements seemed to guarantee a convenient trick for drivers.

why put a bag over car mirror when traveling alone
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It was hard figuring out why would anyone cover their car mirror with zip lock bag or plastic bag on car mirror when traveling,

Indeed the actual origin appeared closer “when parked out in open air when it’s snowing”, which actually makes sense instead of the clickbait titles.

Why Put A Plastic Bag Over The Car Mirror When Traveling Alone?​

There’s a hidden simple handy trick behind all of these criticisms.

Ice is one of winter’s hazards—both out and on your vehicle. It’s in every case, the best way to keep your vehicle in your garage or get a covered parking space to keep ice from framing your windshield and rearview mirrors is by easily putting a plastic bag on the car mirror.

In some cases, for the people who are stuck with staying en Plein air, here’s a clever trick.

  • Simply open up a couple of plastic bags and coat them over your car mirrors.
  • The plastic covering will keep a large portion of the ice and snow from staying
  • Making those bone-chilling mornings way less frustrating.

But Wait There’s Something More

Spotting a Ziplock bag over a car mirror is safe for women?

Specifically, if you are a female traveling alone. I think it is not a red flag, in fact, this leads to a rabbit hole (the ad).

why put ziplock bag on car mirror when traveling alone

In response to questions raised about the social posts, San Angelo police released a statement noting they had “not received any reports of human trafficking, kidnappings, etc.“

Source: https://www.snopes.com

(BEWARE) If You Spot The Ad Tying A Ziplock Bag On Car Mirror

This advert had scattered around most internet surfers gaining the curiosity to know the fact “Why put ziplock bag on car mirror when traveling alone?”. They led to websites such as Livestly, Free Hub, The Delite, and others. Readers who followed the clickbait ads were led to lengthy slideshow articles. Instead, the articles listed household “life hacks.” 

“The clickbait ads were led to lengthy slideshow articles. Unfortunately, it was a waste of time, because the stories never ended up mentioning why a Ziplock bag should be put on a car mirror.”

Now It’s Up To You

Place a gallon-sized plastic ziplock bag on the car mirror. Secure them with elastic bands and you’ll have clear mirrors when winter weather hits.

More often, why do you put grocery bags on car mirrors when traveling alone? Have you ever imagined, it could also be the way, which keeps the birds from pecking at the mirror because they see themselves reflected in it and believe they are looking at another bird invading their territory?

Just remember to take them off before driving, it definitely is possible, apart from the above-listed proven fact.

Isn’t it weird? What do you think?

Safety Tips For Traveling Alone In The Car

  • Toss a gallon of water in the trunk.
  • Bring snacks.
  • Check your fluids and all common wear/repair items before you go.
  • Make sure you bring your registration and proof of insurance.
  • Audiobooks and podcasts are natural for a long drive.
  • Use a navigation app to calculate the travel time.


I hope we are now clear with the answer to the query, why put a plastic bag over a car mirror when traveling alone?​

According to the presented evidence and facts, we must have to believe that there’s nothing else to be included with this ad ‘ziplock bag on car mirror’.

Placing the plastic bag on the car mirror, hence proved to be just a simple handy trick to avoid ice framing on rearview and side mirrors during winter.

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