Why Do People Put Pronouns In Their Bio

Why Do People Put Pronouns In Their Bio? [Reasons To Use he/him or she/her Explained]

Have you ever seen people using pronouns in their bio on social media? Especially after the Instagram release, the pronouns feature by default.

And you might be wondering why people put pronouns in their bios. Is it necessary for everyone? Or they are just doing it without any reason.

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything about why people use a pronoun in social media bios, emails, or anywhere and what it actually does.

What are abstract ideas? It’s Examples

There are so many reasons people started using pronouns with their names, especially since a lot of social platforms like Instagram & Pinterest nowadays support showing pronouns in their bio specifically, and still, not everyone uses them anyway.

Now, before we talk about why do people put pronouns in their bio?

Let’s see what is pronouns in bio actually mean, after that we’ll discuss why people use pronouns in their social media bio.

What do pronouns really mean?

Kind of wondering, why do people put she her or he him?

Well, A pronoun is a word that can replace a noun in a sentence. The noun that is replaced by a pronoun is called an antecedent.

For example, In the sentence, I love my cat because he is a good boy, the word he is a pronoun that replaces the noun cat. So, generally speaking, pronouns allow us to shorten our sentences and make them sound less repetitive.

Now, which gendered pronouns to use for a person, such as “she/her or he/him”, are not always immediately obvious, especially on the internet.

If someone puts their pronouns in their bio, that means that is what you call them most of the time.

These are some pronouns examples that we use every day:

  • me
  • you
  • he
  • she
  • it
  • we
  • they
  • us
  • them
  • who
  • what
  • this
  • that
  • anyone
  • nobody
  • something

So you already got an idea about what pronouns mean.

Now, let me clarify the difference between gender and sex, which is, sadly, understood in a confusing way.

  • First, sex means assuming whether a person is a male or a female just by seeing their outer look.
  • Whereas, gender means what a person feels about themselves, i.e., whether they are male, female, or non-binary. We can’t assume gender just by knowing their name and physical appearance. So, only they know who they are.

The majority of the people believe that they both mean the exact same thing because their assumption is right in 99.99% of cases.

But what about the remaining 0.01%?

Those people are misgendered by almost every single person. When you say those people, You are referring to transgender and non-binary people. As a result, they get depressed and many even commit suicide.

what does she/her mean on instagram bio

We write gender pronouns in our bio not because we are transgender or non-binary, but to normalize the practice of asking the gender of people instead of assuming their sex.

Also, on social media platforms, it might be difficult for people to assume our gender just by knowing our name.

Just like, what is the gender of the following people?

  1. Vishnu
  2. Amit
  3. Raz
  4. Gal
  5. Chen
  6. Yuval
  7. Ophir
  8. Zohar
  9. Nitzan
  10. Shai
  11. Liron

Do you know the gender?

If not, you can see how pronouns might be helpful.

Why do people put pronouns in their bios? [Explained]

Let’s say, you’d never been misgendered because you are a cis woman who presents as pretty feminine, so it hasn’t been an issue.

But your name is more often given to men than women.

So most of the time, while using an email or online platform, a lot of people think you are a dude and use male pronouns to match.

Putting your pronouns on the bio — or in your email signature, social accounts, or on your website — saves people from the awkwardness of accidentally calling you “Sir” or “he.”

Even though It doesn’t matter that much for you, since you don’t care about being misgendered;

But it’s for other people who have a problem doing that.

Doing so would also be for other people, in the sense of normalizing these conversations. If everyone lists their pronouns, even people whose appearances or names might match the pronouns you’d assume they’d use, then the people who are often misgendered don’t stand out.

We’re all starting our pronouns — they aren’t the odd ducks out. But if all that is too far-left for you, remember that it’s not just for trans or non-binary people.

It’s also very much for cis people who, for whatever reason, get misgendered a lot.

So, It is not a progressive thing. Furthermore, it’s a common-sense thing.

why do people put pronouns in their bio reasons

There are many reasons why people put pronouns in their bio, and it’s not just people who are trans, etc.

  • A cis person may include their gender pronouns in their bio to normalize putting pronouns in bios, so people who are transgender or non-binary, etc.
  • Making it a normal thing will make it easier for enbies, trans people, etc., and it’ll help in normalizing different and new pronouns.
  • A person may put their pronouns in their bio because they may often be misgendered, and this helps others call them the right thing, so that’s good.
  • If a person’s gender changes frequently, they may also like to include their bio to again avoid being called the wrong thing and to reduce confusion.
  • A transgender person may put their pronouns in their social media bio to avoid confusion and to show that they are male, female, or other.
  • A non-binary person may put their pronouns in their bio to show that they may not identify as their biological gender, but they/them. and this ensures people know they are they/them, not he/she/etc.
  • Some people use pronouns that aren’t really known to a lot of people, neopronouns for example. A lot of people also don’t know about they/them pronouns, so it helps spread awareness. This links back to point 1, in helping them come out and be seen/ represented in society.
  • People may just want to include their pronouns in their bio for no reason!

If I have left some, feel free to hit me in the comment section below.

Pronouns in bios are really important, especially if you were misgendered, and you should definitely add them to yours if you want the right conversation.

That’s why do people put pronouns in their bio, basically.

What does he/him or she/her mean in bio?

Now, what does she/her mean in a bio, or what does he/him mean in a bio?

English has conjugated pronouns, so you have a set of a pronoun in the sentence.

Let’s take this example: Where she/her/hers are feminine, third-person pronouns.

  • “She” is the subject form. “She went to the store.”
  • “Her” is the object form. “I saw her at the store.” “That is her ball.”
  • “Hers” is the possessive form. “The ball is hers.”

Most female English users want to be called by the “she/her” set of pronouns.

Someone who writes “she/her” on her social media profile is saying she wants to be called by these pronouns.

  • Sometimes trans and/or non-binary people will put their pronouns since most people wouldn’t guess their preferred pronouns by appearance. Cis people sometimes put their pronouns on a profile in solidarity to make it more normal to state your preferred pronouns.

Most people who use she/her are female or have a feminine gender, but there are exceptions.

You might also see other combinations on social media >>

  • “He/him” is for the He/Him/His pronoun set.
  • “They/them” is for They/Them/Theirs.”
  • Some people like multiple pronoun sets, and might indicate it like “she/they” “he/they” “she/he” Etc.

There are new pronouns people have created to get a pronoun set that feels like it fits.

Some Examples Are: ey/em/eirs, xe/hir/hirs (said zee, hear, hears), kit/kit/kits.

What does she/her mean in Instagram bio?

The main reason is to ensure that they are gendered correctly.

Some folks don’t have profiles or names that make their gender obvious, and some are trans or nonbinary people who would be misgendered otherwise.

And other times it is to signify that one is open to having conversations about pronoun usage and would not be opposed to respecting chosen pronouns.

To generally make it a more normal thing to declare one’s pronouns and use the pronouns that others have requested be used for them.

Rather than simply use the pronouns you’ve assumed for a person based on their outward physical appearance, a lot of which they may not be able to control in the end.

Why do people put pronouns in their Twitter bio? [Her Experience]

Here’s the deal: Last month, I figured out that I’m transgender. But it’s only been a month—I’ve barely started figuring out how to change my appearance.

So if you looked at a photo of me right now, you’ll probably guess I’m a guy, but I’m actually a girl, and treating me like a guy will make me feel bad. But how are you supposed to know that?

I could just expect you to read my mind and then yell at you when you don’t, but then neither of us would be happy about our interaction.

So instead, I put “she/her” in my Twitter bio, and now you know that I want you to treat me like a girl. You can just do that from the start, which keeps both of us happier—I’m not misgendered and you’re not yelled at.

So that explains why trans people put their pronouns in their bio. But some cis people do too—why is that?

Well, because they want to support and protect their trans friends.

If only trans people put pronouns in their bios, trolls could write a bot that found all of the users who listed pronouns (and thus were trans) and targeted them for harassment.

If enough cis people list their pronouns too, then the bot wouldn’t be able to find enough trans people to be worth it.

(Besides—cis people can sometimes get misgendered too. If you’re a kinda girly guy, or a mannish-looking woman, or an anonymous user with an anime avatar and a pun name, people will probably misgender you all the time. Adding pronouns to your bio helps prevent that.)

So people put their pronouns in their Twitter bio so that you know how to politely interact with them.

Isn’t that nice of them?

That’s why do people put pronouns in their Twitter bio or any other social platforms.

In Last, should you put pronouns on your social media bio?

Ok, you got the answer of why people put pronouns in their bio.

But some of these answers are very misleading, so let me clarify here whether you should use pronouns in your bio or not.

Most of the time, you are encouraged to put your pronouns in your bio, especially if you are cisgender. This is used to change, and acknowledge trans and non-binary people’s pronouns.

Still, when you get a valid reason, it’s not necessary to put your pronouns.

Putting pronouns in bios was never a must for anyone.

It’s totally fine if you don’t feel comfortable with it, so you don’t have to do it either.

And there might be a case that you don’t even know your pronouns (yet), or your family wouldn’t be very supportive if they found out you support trans people and/or you are trans, etc.

So In that case, I don’t recommend you to put pronouns on social media accounts that your family can see because you are not out, but you put them on your side accounts.

In conclusion, [pronouns in bio]

It's not a must, but it is encouraged. Just like using tone indicators is not mandatory, you should really consider using them to ease communication for some people.

Which might be useful for many cases and less awkward to communicate with you.

So, be respectful of people’s pronouns, It’s just common decency.

They put it in their bios, so people know In what way they can interact with them.

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