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Why put a bar of soap under your sheets? [A Powerful Health Hack]

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You might wonder “why do people put soap under their sheets?”. However, according to the instructions it turns out putting soap under bed sheets does have some benefits. There may be different thoughts and queries about why put a bar of soap under your sheets on bed at night especially! In order that we are here, to share facts on this, “handy trick”.

Does it really help: if you put a bar of soap under your sheets? Have you ever heard of this odd remedy that questions why do people put pieces of soap under their sheets on the bed?

People swear by sleeping with a bar of soap under their sheets and the reason why for this is pretty genius!

Whatever the fact is! let’s figure out why this method seems so effective. It’s better everyone must be aware, who knows! it may work out in your case.

So let’s start without wasting a time.

Why put a bar of soap under your sheets? [Facts]


why put soap under sheets

The idea came from Dr. Oz, Dr. Mehmet Oz is a doctor who became a household name after making guest appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, he was so popular on Oprah that he was given his own show that focuses on health and medical conditions.  It was on his show that people learned about sleeping with a bar of soap.

According to Dr. Oz, there’s really no scientific reason that this method is effective, he says, “it does work and to find out for yourself just try it.”

Some doctors even suggest using lavender soap would provide extra benefits, as lavender is known to relax your muscles. To achieve the very best results, doctors suggest using a natural soap and a scent that uses essential oils, such as lavender oil.

To be honest, without the facts why would you put a bar of soap under your sheets right!

Here’s Why Put A Bar Of Soap Under Your Sheets

A good night’s sleep doesn’t come naturally for everyone, there are countless people who have a hard time falling asleep at night for various reasons. Some are worried, and others cannot find a good position, or have restless leg syndrome. Whatever the reason not being able to fall asleep is very irritating and can have a major effect on your daily life. As you might wonder why to put soap under sheets. Sounds crazy right? But,

All you have to do is put the bar of lavender soap under your bed sheet. It would make it much easier for you to fall asleep. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily have to be such a big bar, even a smaller bar would do just as well. 

This is a strange cure for restless leg syndrome but yes it really seems to work,

  • Put a bar of soap under your sheets, specifically a lavender soap
  • Place soap in between your sheets at your feets
  • Lavender soothes your legs
  • You will notice a decrease in spasms and cramps
  • And you won’t feel the need to move your legs
  • The constant urge to move would significantly decrease
  • That means easier sleep and a restful night

Make sure it is lavender soap a normal soap bar usually does not work.

Note: For a rapid calming effect put a piece of lavender soap between your sheets at your feet every evening.

So, technically if you take a bar of soap and you put it in your bed usually underneath the sheet, it would solve the problem of leg cramps.

Treats Restless legs Syndrome (RLS)

It’s a condition that causes a person to have powerful impulses to move their legs while they’re at rest. The constant movement of the legs can make it difficult for the sufferer to fall asleep or stay asleep. However, the lack of sleep could result in feeling tired during the day having low moods, and a lack of energy. This condition can also be difficult for couples who share a bed when one person is kicking and moving all night, it can keep the other partner awake.

How does a bar of soap work?

Sleeping with a bar of soap is as crazy as it might sound, but doctors suggest sleeping with a bar of soap treats for restless leg syndrome.

According to Dr. Oz, you can’t just use any typical bar of soap to treat the condition. It has to be a bar of lavender soap because lavender has soothing properties.

 Dr. Oz explains, “if you put a bar of soap under the covers with you, the lavender soothes your legs and you won’t feel the need to move your legs all that much.” That makes it much easier for you to fall asleep.


If you fall asleep badly in the evening and have a constant urge to move your lower legs. That could be restless leg syndrome(RLS).  But instead of taking a sleeping pill, you can use this little trick to get a restful night’s sleep. Because lavender soap has actually proven itself here.

So, if you’re really having trouble with your nighttime leg cramps and want to have a more restful sleep be sure to put the bar of lavender soap under your bed sheet. Why not give it a shot and try it out! 

Even if you don’t suffer from restless leg syndrome or leg cramps at night. You should still keep some lavender soap in the bathroom. Just in case, you never know when one of those conditions might creep upon you and you want to be prepared!

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